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With CompuSat, once you pay for your first use of a driver, you can use the same driver free of charge on like kind devices.

CompuSat supports numerous types and makes of equipment, including those listed on this page, in the following categories:

Antenna Controllers
Satellite Receivers
Satellite Uplinks
Record and Playback
Routers and Switchers
Auxilliary Equipment
IP Networks

We can also create additional drivers upon request.

Comtrol Device Master Cable and RJ45 to DB9/25 Adaptors - RJ45 to DB9/15/25 for supported CompuSat devices. The proper CAT5 cable for connecting a Device Master serial port to a RS422 device is here.

Devices with links open the CompuSat driver installation guide for that device.

Link to the CompuSat Device driver installation guides FTP site, click here

Antenna Controllers

Advent Corporation ACU 4200 Mobile Antenna Controller
Andrew Corporation APC-100 Antenna Controller
APC-300 Tracking Antenna Controller
Astro Design Astro Design AC2/AC2E
Astro Design AC3/ACR
Bradshaw ACU1
Comtech EC-8 Antenna Controller (not recommended)
ETS AC-1000 Tracking Antenna Controller
AC-3000 Tracking Antenna Controller
Harris Corporation 9135 Antenna Controller
Microdyne MAPS-4 Antenna Controller
Research Concepts RC-1000 Antenna Controller
RC-1500 Antenna Controller
RC-2000A Antenna Controller
RC-2000C Antenna Controller
RC-2500 Antenna Controller
RC-3000 Antenna Controller
RC-4500 Antenna Controller (IP SNMP driver)
Satcom 4010 Antenna Controller
5000 Antenna Controller
Scientific Atlanta SA-8840 Antenna Controller
SA-8840A Antenna Controller
SA-8860 Antenna Controller
Vertex Corporation Vertex 7134 Antenna Controller
Vertex 7200 Antenna Controller


Satellite Receivers

Andrew Corporation ASR-300
Adtec RD-60 Digital Receiver
RD-70 Digital Receiver
Advent Lynx 5200
Ateme DR8400 DVB S/S2 Receiver
DR5000 DVB S/S2 Receiver
Digital Vision Bitlink HDTV Decoder
Drake ESR-1252
DX Communications DIR-657
DIR-657 Broadcast
Ericsson 1290 HD Digital Receiver/Decoder
8200 HD SNMP Receiver/Decoder
ETS TR-1000 Beacon Receiver
Evertz 7780 Receiver (SNMP)
7780-DM2 Receiver (SNMP)
7881 Receiver (SNMP)
7882 Receiver (SNMP)
Harris Corporation 9135 Receivers
Netplus 200 HD Decoder
Netplus 300 HD Receiver
Netplus 400 HD Receiver
General Instruments DSR-4800 Digital Receiver
DSR-4810 Digital Receiver
Philips DVS-3810 MPEG-2 Receiver/Decoder
Satellite Systems 3420 Beacon Receiver
Scientific Atlanta SA-6600
SA-9223 Power Vu Commerical Receiver
SA-9223 Power Vu Commerical Receiver
SA-9225 Power Vu Headend Receiver
SA-9850 SNMP Power Vu Receiver
SA_9854 SNMP Power Vu HD Receiver
Scopus IRD-2500 Digital Receiver
IRD-2600 Digital Receiver
IRD-2800 Digital Receiver
IRD-2900 Series SNMP Digital Receiver
IRD-2900 S2 Series Digital Receiver
Sencore MRD-3187 8709 HD Digital Receiver
MRD-3187 8710 S2 HD Digital Receiver
MRD-3187 8716 S2 HD Digital Receiver
MRD-3187 IP recieve only
MRD-5800 HD Satellite Receiver
MRD-5800 S2X Satellite Receiver
MRD-4400 HD Satellite Receiver
MRD-4400 S2X Satellite Receiver
MRD-2600 HD Satellite Receiver
MRD-7000 4in1 Satellite Reciever
AG-2600 S2X Satellite Reciever
AG-4400 Card based HD Satellite Receiver
AG-5800 Satellite Receiver
Standard Communications MT930B Global Vu
Omni Agile 830 (w CAM 830)
Omni Agile CRC-850 (w RCA Connector)
Omni Professional 810
422 CI Digital Receiver
SDR 400 Digital Receiver/Decoder
SDR 7100 Digital Receiver/Decoder
Tandberg Alteia Digital Receiver/Decoder
1222 Digital Receiver/Decoder
1260 Digital Receiver/Decoder
1260 SNMP Digital Receiver/Decoder
1280 HD Digital Receiver/Decoder
1282 HD Digital Receiver/Decoder
1290 HD Digital Receiver/Decoder
8200 HD SNMP Receiver/Decoder
Teleview TVL-400 Digital Receiver
Tiernan TDR6 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR60 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR600 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR7 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR77 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR777 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR78 Digital Receiver/Decoder
TDR 4022 Digital Receiver/Decoder
HD 4040 HD Receiver/Decoder
HMR 5440 HD Receiver/Decoder
Upcom UC-IRD+
Vertex TRL-1S Beacon Receiver
Wegener Unity 4000 MPEG-2 Receiver
Unity 4422 MPEG-2 Receiver
Unity 4650 MPEG-2 Receiver
Unity 5000 MPEG-2 Receiver


Satellite Uplinking

Andrew Corporation ADC-130 Harris Exciter Controller
AWS-200 Waveguide Switch Controller
AES-100 Exciter Switch Controller
Adtec EN-81 Encoder/Modulator
EN-100 Encoder Modulator
Advent Corporation 2142 Exciter w Xicom HPA
2141 Exciter w MCL HPA
AVM 3950 Modulator
AHC 3050 HPA Controller
AVM 3700 Video Modulator
AUC 3705 Upconverter
AUC 3725 Upconverter
AUC 3800 Upconverter
AUX 3906 Upconverter
DVE 4000 Encoder/Modulator/Upconverter
DVE 5000 Encoder/Modulator/Upconverter
DVE 5100 Encoder/Modulator/Upconverter
DVE 6100 Encoder/Modulator/Upconverter
C&M Waveguide Switch Controller
Carolina Microwave CMW-1101 Waveguide Switch Controller
Comstream CM-701 PKS Digital Modulator
Codan 5900 Upconverter
5908 Amplifier
Comtech SDM-2020 Video Modulator
CPI TK-70 Upconverter
EF Data KST-12000 Upconverter
  DT-4500 Ku-band Upconverter
  SDM-2020 Video Modulator
Environmental Technology ADH-2COM Dehydrator Controller
Ericsson EM8040 Encoder/Modulator
Fujitsu IP 9500 Encoder
9400 Modulator
International Data Casting Net Manager
XD Host
LNR RI-422 Exciter
UC-14M Upconverter
Loral 8000 Upconverter/Transmitter
Marconi Steller HPA
6143N HPA
MaxTech SSPA
MCL MCL HPA Controller and Channel Selector
MCX/LXC Redundancy Controller
MT 3000 HPA Controller
MT 3200 HPA Controller
MT 4000 HPA Controller
MT 5000 HPA Controller
MT 9000 HPA Controller
Miteq VM 100R Video Modulator
U176 Outdoor Upconverter
U9696 Upconverter
1to1 Switchover Unit
UPC-A Uplink Power Controller
NSU Redundant Switchover
U9000 Series Upconverters
U9900 Upconverter
NDS 5425 Digital Encoder/Modulator
Paradise Datacom SSPA CRM-series Amplifier
RCP2-1000 Amplifier
RCP2-1100 Amplifier
RCPF-1000 Fiber Amplifier
IBC Upconverter
PD-80L Modulator
Radyne DM 240 XR Encoder/Modulator SNMP
RSI UCS 14002 Upconverter
Scientific Atlanta SA-7550 C-band Exciter
SA-7550A C-band Exciter
SA-7555 Ku-band Exciter
SA-7640 Uplink Protection Switch
SA-7602 General Purpose Interface
SA-7603 General Purpose Interface
SA-8243 De-ice Controller
Scopus E1720 SNMP Encoder/Modulator
Sencore SMD 989 Modulator
SSE Star Transceiver
Varian 2740 HPA/Waveguide Controller
2740 CIM
Tandberg 5440 Digital Encoder/Modulator
5714 Digital Encoder/Modulator
5424 SNMP Digital Modulator
5425 Digital Encoder/Modulator
SM 5600 Digital Modulator
5710 Digital Encoder
5720 Digital Encoder
E5610 Digital Encoder
E5821 HD Encoder
SM 6600 Digital Modulator
SM 6620 Digital Modulator (S2)
Tiernan TE-3 MPEG2 Encoder
TE-30 MPEG2 Encoder
TE-300 MPEG2 Encoder/Modulator
TE-6 MPEG2 Encoder
TE-600 Digital Encoder/Modulator
TVRM-75 Encoder/Modulator
SE-4000 Encoder/Modulator
Titan Encoder
TIW XCVR 6000 L-band Transceiver
TWT Digital I/O Waveguide Switch
Digtial I/O HPA Power On/Off
Vertex Quad Mod SSPA
Xicom XT-100 TWT Amplifier
XTRD TWT Amplifier


Recording and Playback

Philips DVC-PRO
Sony BVW
Any Standard Sony Protocol machine
UVW-14000 RS-232
UVW-12000 RS-232
Telestream Pipeline
Video Servers VDCP Any servers supporting VDCP protocol
Virage Video Cataloger
V-LAN VTR Protocol


Routers and Switchers

3M 3M Router
Black Magic Video Hub Router
BTS/Philips Jupiter/Venus Router
DataTek 2400 Router
Datatek Switch
ETL ETL L-band Matrix
Evertz Evertz L-band Matrix
Evertz Quartz IP L-band Matrix
Evertz Quartz Serial Router
Evertz Quartz IP Router
Evertz X1200 12x2 SDI Router
Extron Electronics 6x1 Switcher
Gefen 4x1 3G-SDI Switcher
Grass Valley Horizon
Performer 10x1
20 Ten
Triton 16x2
Krammer VS-1101 10x1 Switcher
Leitch Xpress 12x1 Switcher
Via 32
Serial Pass Through Protocol (SPTP)
LP Technology LPT 3000 Spectrum Analyzer
Matrix Switch Corporation 8x1 Switcher
Nova S-Switch 4x1 Switcher
NVision NV9000 Router
Pesa CPU Link Router
ProBel ProBel Router
Quintech SRM L-band Matrix Router
XRM L-band Matrix Router
SSR 16x1 L-band Switcher
Extreme Series (IP-SNMP)
Sigma SLX-161 16x1 Switcher
HPX Series
Sierra Video System System 32 Video Router
HPX Series Router
Specialty Microwave RF Switch
Utah AVS1 Router
AVS2 Router


Auxilliary Equipment

Adrienne Electronics SIMPLTE Time Code Readers
Anritsu MS2663A Spectrum analyzer
Clark & Associates GPS Master Clock TCI-232
Digitial Inputs Standalone and Event driven Sensor Inputs
Digital Outputs Standalone and Event driven Output Switches
Analog Inputs Standalone and Receiver AGC
Analog Outputs Standalone and Event driven Analog Outputs
ESE ESE-185 Master Clock
Hewlett Packard 8590A Spectrum Monitor
Kudos TPG-20 Test Pattern Generator
Leitch CSD-5300 Master Clock
Prime Image Time Machine
Tally Display Corporation Tally Alpha/Numeric Displays
Tektronix 2714/2715 Spectrum Analyser
Walton DP8 De-ice


IP Networks

Fujitsu IP 9500 Encoder
Sencore MRD 3187 IP Decoder
Tandberg E57xx IP Encoder
EN 8090 HD Fiber Encoder
TT1260 SD Fiber Decoder
TT1290 HD Fiber Decoder








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