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The CompuSat Uplink system simplifies your uplinks by:

Storing all uplink information in your database.
Logging all uplink activity.
Allowing manual control with the Engineering Monitor.
Providing the same, simple interface for both analog and digital uplinking.  

Here's an example of an uplink system configuration:

CompuSat Uplink System


Establishing an Uplink with CompuSat

Establising an uplink is very straightforward. The operator follows these steps:

1. Click the uplink name to display the uplink control screen, which is shown below.
2. Click the Ready-Uplink button. CompuSat begins warming up the TWTA; in some cases, warming up the TWTA can take up to ten minutes.
3. Select the transponder to uplink by clicking on the transponder list in the upper right portion of the uplink control screen and selecting an item from the dropdown list. CompuSat then tune the exciter for the transponder that you have selected
4. Call the access provider number listed on the screen.
5. Click the Low Pwr button when prompted by CompuSat.
6. Click the Nominal Power button when prompted by CompuSat.
7. Click the Modulate button when prompted by CompuSat.
8. Select a video source from the associated switcher.
9. Your uplink begins!

It's as simple as that! And CompuSat displays colors and labels on the front panel  to constantly reflect and update the current uplink status.


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