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All CompuSat Satellite products share a number of common features, including the CompuSat front panel. You can combine any of our products into a single integrated system.

Click the links below for more information and sample screens from each of the CompuSat product types:

CompuSat Satellite Downlink systems feature:

Intuitive point and click control of downlink equipment
Database driven tuning for analog & digital transponders
Satellite Database updated by Image Communications LLC and/or locally
Seamless integration with many station automation products
Reduced operator training requirements - mistake free downlinks
CompuSat L-Band Matrix systems make it easy to:

Totally integrate L-Band routers for satellite downlink systems
Operators never have to interact directly with the router

CompuSat Acquisition systems feature:

Totally automated downlink recordings
Master record schedule
Implicit router switching - automatically switches the receiver's output to the recording device
As Record logging
Mistake free recordings - save time and reduce costs

CompuSat Uplink systems feature:

Simple, database-driven uplinks
Complete control and monitoring of uplink equipment
Safe uplinks performed by non-engineering staff

CompuSat Recorder systems feature:

Management of a bank of record devices
Timer events with router switching

CompuSat Router Management systems feature:

Management of a diverse set of routers
Dial-up and lease line control of remote routers
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