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This page provides support information for CompuSat products, including:

Satellite Antenna FAQ's
Satellite Receiver FAQ's
Database FAQ's
Feature FAQ's
Installation FAQ's
Serial Ports FAQ's
Contact Information

Master Control Operators Quick Guide Download DOC

Master Control Operators Quick Guide View PDF

Antennas and Controllers FAQ's:

Adding a satellite to an antenna's pick list
Adding a new antenna to your CompuSat system
Antenna does not land on any satellites
Get specific instructions for your antenna controller


Satellite Receiver FAQ's

Adding a new receiver to CompuSat
Using Digital Receivers with CompuSat
Using HD Digital Receivers with CompuSat
Using Virtual Channel Tables (VCT) with the Motorola 4800 series receiver
Using ASI timer events
Get specific instructions for your satellite receiver


Database FAQ's

Updating the factory satellite database
When tuning a channel, CompuSat tunes to the wrong parameters
Adding a new satellite to your CompuSat Satellite database
Adding or customizing a channel to your CompuSat Satellite database


Feature FAQ's

Enabling automatic routing of receiver/VTR timer events
Configuring CompuSat with a L-band RF Matrix
CompuSat Macros
Using the operator login features of CompuSat
Display preferences to customize your display
Configuring and using closure sensors
Configuring and using switch closures
IP Video Networks


Installation FAQ's

Installing a software upgrade
Adding a new network client
Adding a serial remote workstation to your system
Upgrading RC-2000 EPROMs


Serial Port FAQ's

Installing the Comtrol PCI Rocketport Serial adaptors
  --->Rocketport cable information found in the device documents
Installing the Comtrol Device Master IP Based serial adaptors (OLDER DRIVER)
  --->Device Master Cable and RJ45 to DB9/25 Adaptors
  --->Comtrol Device Master driver for Windows


Contact Information

Telephone 941-322-2534



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