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Virtual Channel Table Receivers (GI4800/4810)


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This page describes how to add a GI 4800/4810 receiver configured to use VCT tables for their primary tuning. Specifically, the instructions are for the CBS VCT:242 tables.

Please have this receiver installed and operating on the CBS VCT:242 table before installing the receiver into CompuSat.

You must hook up the RF as specified in the hardware installation instructions from the service provider as the VCT selections automatically select the proper RF port based based on the VCT table downloaded from the satellite.

CompuSat uses a special virtual satellite called CBS VCT:242. When an antenna is tuned to this satellite, associated satellite receivers operate in VCT mode.

Create a virtual fixed antenna that will point to the CBS VCT:242 satellite.

Please see this page for information on adding a new antenna controller. The model for the new controller will be Fixed Dish Controller. You will configure the resulting antenna to have a single satellite, CBS VCT:242.

Create a new entry for the GI4800/4810 receiver

Please see this page for information on adding a new satellite receiver to your CompuSat data. The 4800 series installation guide has details specific to the 4800 along with serial cable wiring details.

Set the Receivers RF Antenna Connections to view feeds on the new fixed CBS VCT:242 antenna we just added.

Display Options for the GI4800/4810 receiver

By default, CompuSat will display the fixed antenna controller in a new column with the new receiver(s) drawn directly under the controller.

It is much easier and saves horizontal display space if we draw the receivers as if they were connected to multiple antennas. Since we will never be changing satellites on this controller, we can use the alternate display method. Please refer to the Fixed Antennas section of the Receiver Front Panel Display section here.


You can now tune the receiver by dropping down the transponder list as normal and selecting the desired VCT number. You will see the channels listed as 1 Center ... 76 Center.

Use 3 Center to tune VCN 3, the SD East Primary Feed.
Use 4 Center to tune VCN 4, the SD West Primary Feed.
Use 15 Center to tune VCN 15, the SD East Backup Feed.
Use 16 Center to tune VCN 16, the SD West Backup Feed.


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