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Did you know that CompuSat has all of these features?

Digital receiver support: you can tune digital receivers exactly as you tune analog receivers. Simply select a satellite and transponder, and CompuSat  automatically sets all digital parameters, including data rate, symbol rate, FEC, modulation, and service numbers.
RF matrix (L-band router) support, which allows you to connect any receiver in your system to any antenna in your system, using an intuitive interface. This feature provides full support for timer events and conflict resolution.  The RF Matrix switching is implicit; operators never have to directly manipulate the router.
Automation interface that allows you to control your satellite system from an external program, using TCP/IP.This interface is currently supported by Sundance Digital, Crispin Corp, VCI, ProBel and NVersion.
Harris/Louth record list interface.  CompuSat populates the Louth record lists.
Timer events have start and stop dates for repeating events.  Timer events can also store receiver's video and audio levels directly in the event.


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