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Receiver Service Selection

The CompuSat satellite database now supports the two methods of selecting the video stream a receiver decodes for an MCPC channel. The facotry database now has the service index (used by most receivers) and the service value used by Tandberg Alteia, Tandberg 8200 and optionally by the Harris NetPlus receiver. No more dual channel entries needed depending on the receiver being used.

Multiple Views

CompuSat is no longer restricted to just two views. We now support up to 16 views and we have revamped the interface used to define the views. If you are having trouble squeezing everything down to fit, you know have more options. You can also pre-define views you will be using in your network versions, making a view for News and a view for Engineering and then just selected this view when installing a client.

Days to Air

Using a new feature in the timer events, you can specify the number of calender or weekdays from the record date to the air date. CompuSat uses this information to name your recorded satellite feeds with the air date rather than the record date.

In addition, you can now name a feed with a day of the week indicator. This is useful for those stations that reuse clip names each week. If your play list expects say RAYMONDFRI for the Friday airing of Raymond, CompuSat can make this clip once a week, even if it records on Wednesday; 2 weekdays to air.

IP Video Encoders and Decoders

Image Communications is pleased to announce support for IP video networks. Employing our familiar satellite receiver type interface for IP networks, CompuSat can easily direct IP feeds to specific decoders or to deliver multi-cast feeds. Sending and receiving IP feeds can be automated through the use of timer events.

Telestream pipeline

Image Communications is happy to announce suport for Telestream's Pipeline product line.

Quintech RF Matrix Systems


  We are resellers of Quintech RF Matrix Systems. Please contact us for a quote. CompuSat interfaces with any RF Matrix providing implicit control along with an XY Panel interface.
  SRM SeriesSRM Series
  RPS Series RPS Series

Did you know that CompuSat has all of these features?

Digital receiver support: you can tune digital receivers exactly as you tune analog receivers. Simply select a satellite and transponder, and CompuSat  automatically sets all digital parameters, including data rate, symbol rate, FEC, modulation, and service numbers.
RF matrix (L-band router) support, which allows you to connect any receiver in your system to any antenna in your system, using an intuitive interface. This feature provides full support for timer events and conflict resolution.  The RF Matrix switching is implicit; operators never have to directly manipulate the router.
Automation interface that allows you to control your satellite system from an external program, using TCP/IP.This interface is currently supported by Sundance Digital, Crispin Corp, VCI, ProBel and NVersion.
Harris/Louth record list interface.  CompuSat populates the Louth record lists.
Timer events have start and stop dates for repeating events.  Timer events can also store receiver's video and audio levels directly in the event.


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