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Problem: The controller no longer lands on any satellites when instructed. Each move is off by the same amount.

Your antenna has either slipped or the controller has lost count. Instead of reentering all the number, you need to re-sync your antenna. The procedure for doing this is specific to each controller. We will try to provide an outline. You should consult with the documentation that came with your antenna for specifics.

Research Concepts RC-2000

These antenna controllers have a specific function to accomplish the re-sync.

It is important that the numbers CompuSat has for the satellite we are going to re-sync to are the same as the pointing numbers stored in the RC-2000.

Push and hold the Mode button on the RC-2000 antenna controller for 5 seconds. Now, press the Mode button until Re-sync is displayed. Use the Scroll Up/Down buttons to select the satellite you want to re-sync with.

Now, move the antenna using the RC-2000 keys on the front of the unit until the satellite selected above is positioned and peaked.

Initial the re-sync. The controller now changes its internal representation of where the antenna is to the counts stored for the satellite you re-synced with. All the other satellites should now be corrected using the same pointing numbers as before.

Andrew APC-100

This problem was probably caused by a resolver slipping or a damaged resolver. Once the hardware problem has been resolved, peak the antenna on one of the satellites previously accessible

Using the APC-100 configuration menus, calibrate the resolver counts to the angle CompuSat shows for that antenna in the antenna setup window for this antenna (Configuration/Site Configuration).


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